Our company was established to produce all kinds of adhesive and non-adhesive tapes with its own brand for OEM and aftermarket customers in the automotive and all tape sectors and to carry out after-sales activities.

Our Quality Management System was created to prevent nonconformities before they occur. Necessary internal and external feedback channels have been created for this purpose. In this regard, our senior management and employees have determined the principles and goals used to create future visions and strategies as follows.
• Comply with customer requirements and legal requirements.
• Carrying out KAIZEN studies to eliminate 7 wastes,
• To improve the quality of our products and our market share in each period compared to the previous period,
in the light of the principles of innovation and continuous development.
• To strive in a participatory manner as all employees to achieve the goals of our organization and take them
• To effectively establish the customer-oriented quality approach in every unit of the company.
• Increasing our product range every year.
• To determine and develop processes in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner at all stages.
• Continuously improving management system processes.
All our employees are obliged to fully fulfill the commitments we have stated in this way and the requirements of the Quality Management System standards we refer to.
Our Employees’ Quality Management System; We believe that they have the motivation to implement, ensure its continuity and constantly improve, we expect them to make the necessary effort, diligence and work in this regard, and as the senior management, we undertake to provide all the support and resources to implement our Quality Management System within the above-mentioned principles.